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Many of us have experienced those difficult situations where we just can’t physically get our hands on the camera. Whether it’s flying 50 metres up in the air, or on a gimbal hanging out the back of a
By Joel Capes on 26/01/2017 - comments
By Alex Kuraica on 25/01/2017 - comments
For me, a gimbal offers a freedom of movement unparalleled in the tools of cinema. The 3-axis one-handled gimbal especially so because of its portability in comparison to its older brethren, the steadicam and ronin.The Crane allows you to carry a whole kit in one backpack: gimbal, camera, lenses and accessories. You can travel with it anywhere without worrying too much that it will draw attention to you, which can be especially good if you are banking on your actors not knowing they are being filmed in situations where
By Joel Capes on 25/01/2017 - comments
Ever since the C700 was announced Canon have been talking about releasing a Global shutter version of their flagship camera. They have now announced that they will be allowing users of the C700 sporting the rolling shutter to switch out their sensors. When changing the sensor Canon will also have to switch out the lens mount from EF to PL, this unfortunately will mean that users of Canon’s Dual Pixel Auto Focus will lose their beloved autofocus. Most people are fully aware of the biggest problem that comes with using a camera wielding a rol
By Joel Capes on 24/01/2017 - comments
This is the second of Rode’s two videographer aimed microphones announced at their Rodeshow. The concept of this mic is to equal the virtual reality capabilities of video, creating a 360 degree sound field. Soundfield was a product line acquired by Rode last month from TSL products. With a product line developed out of house a big question for most will be whether the quality of this new mic array will live up to the Rode standards, Rode themselves obviously believe in the product after sinking in lots of money to bring it under their busines
By Joel Capes on 23/01/2017 - comments
3D has been around for decades, with many of a trip to the cinema spent sporting stereoscopic, red and blue glasses. 3D technology has evolved and changed with advances in technology being announced every year. 3D continues to spend most of the time on the borderline between gimmicky and exciting, we’re never sure what to expect when we sit down to watch a 3D film as there continues to be no exact standard as to how they should be produced. One sure thing is that producing 3D content is not easy or cheap. So it's 2017, we’re not only produc
By Alex Kuraica on 22/01/2017 - comments
Sporting an APS-C sized sensor, the X-T20 is capable of shooting 4K (3840x2160) in 24p and up to 30p at 100Mbps internally, and up to 60p at 1080p.Most mirrorless cameras since the introduction of the GH4 now offer 4K resolution at 24p, but Fuji are unique in their approach mainly because of their extensive history and relationship with color.Just like with the XT-2 you can select baked in looks based on Fujifilm stocks of the past, notably provia, velvia, astia, classic chrome, and acros (black and white).This is grea
By Joel Capes on 21/01/2017 - comments
Metabones are well known for lens adapters that allow a user to take full advantage of their lenses real estate. They allow users with micro four thirds sensors and super 35mm sensors to regain focal field and a much loved bokeh found when using full frame lenses on full frame sensor, bringing reducing the crop by up to 0.71 with the ultra version and 0.64 with the XL, the increase in lens space also allows the user to regain up to 1 stop of light when using the Ultra Metabones adapter. This just announced iteration has integrated the positi


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