Panasonic Lumix GH5 first tests, hands on first review pre prod unit

4K60p and burst 6K30p for 1.995 USD EURO body only

Did you remember when GH2 was release, and the GH3 that were the first to have 1080p60 ? Then for around 2 years ago the GH4 was released being the first DSLR recording internally at 4K, when the Sony A7S only send 4K via micro hdmi out.
End 2016 Panasonic announced that on beginning 2017 will release the GH5, with what they called major updates,  sequential updates, but with a major, not only like 4K60p (50p on EU) and 4K 30/25p at 422 10bit. Did you heard 6K ?

Someone told that the new GH5 camera can record burst at 6K,  we discovered one of the first real units (pre-production) so we can tell you more about. Continue reading..
The Camera, basic featuresWill retail at 1.995$ EURO for the brain only, so a bit more expansive than GH4Feature a 20 megapixels sensor, and for the first time in the Lumix GH series, a in body stabilisation.
Record up to UHD 3840x2160 (not true 4K DCI) at 60p or 50p in Europe.A few more controls, bigger buttons, and one of the best, full HDMI port, as well as USB - C USB 3.0 port for fast speed.HDMI full port is very nice, they listen !.
It is still a micro four thirds camera m4/3, but now for first time coming with a 5 axis stabilisation, like the new olympus and similar or better than Sony A7S mk2, A7R m2. Panny calls new IBIS, In Body Image Stab.. of course this not replace a gimbal or similar, but is nice to get also.
As for focus, GH5 relies on software based tech like DFD , the sensor does not have phase detection points, so basic contrast detection among other techniques.6K ?Yes, but not video as is, just burst of stills at 30p, so you can compose some music or other great video (with audio on post) at up to 6K30p, with continuos focus and exposure tracking.4K 4:2:2 10 bit ?Yes, at up to 30 frames per second.GH4 was limited to 4K30p 4:2:0 at 8 bit in camera, outputting 10 bit via its hdmi port, now GH4 can record internally 4K30p at4:2:2 at 10 bit, so a much much better quality and picture for grade, post, vfx etc ..4K60P ?Yes but at 4:2:0 8 bitBut that's an interesting add-on, well itself the 4K 422 10 bit internally is worth, but at 1.995$ EUROS ?4K30p can be recorded up to 400Mbps of quality, similar on those high end sony modelsFHD slow motion ?Yes , up to 1080p180 is the maximum, superior than those on sony at 1080p120According to panasonic this camera sensor is about 1.7 faster on readout so should reduce better the rolling shutter effect, of course if not a Global Shutter like those found on Sony F65 or high end models, but seems is a litle bit better than Sony's A7S, A7R and Canon 5D mk4What is more interesting is that Panny has added great software features in the camera, like waveform monitor and vector scope.Media, otherRecords onto SD cards UHS class II, have two slots, so 150MB to 300MB per slot. Format as Mp4 (I'm not sure if it is an inherited H.264 based codec like the ones on sony, XAVC and XAVC-S both are H264 based), H264 is not good at all at low bitrates, but at higher can be acceptable.Like GH4, new Lumix GH5  also have anamorphic mode, color profiles, wireless functions,  etc ..
Question is, at 2000$ body only, still being a m4/3 (small sensor size) as all the GH saga, Will be on your pocket on this 2017 year ?

Alejandro B. Martin 05/01/2017 08:00:00

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