Is the new Aputure Deity shotgun mic a Rode killer

Step aside Rode NTG2, the Deity Shotgun by Aputure has its sights set for the Schoeps CMC641 and Sennheiser MKH-60

If we are to believe the advertising, then Aputure are offering a new shotgun mic to rival some of the big boys in the audio game, and all for a price of $369. Yikes.The shotgun is in line with the company's ethos of offering professional features at reasonable prices. Their product line has of late focused more on lighting with the release of the new LED COB daylight making some big waves in the lighting industry. Before that we had the LS1 Light Storm and more recently the M9.There have been other products as well, and they have even dipped their feet into audio with a lav for your smartphone, something I have yet to try. But the release of the Deity comes as a watershed moment in the company's history, revealing just how broad they are willing tread in search of an available market.I personally think they have one here, even though it is priced above some of the low-priced players, notably the NTG2.The Deity is a shotgun condenser microphone with an XLR connector perfect for films, rejecting most off-axis noise, which is critical when you are isolating your dialogue from the background.The spill is a bit larger than some of the competitors but it should be sufficient for use in dramatic scenes, which is the litmus test in the industry.So far the mic has been getting good reviews and I am eager to try it against my NTG3. 
Aputure Deity Shotgun Mic Specifications:Polar Pattern: Super CardioidMaximum SPL: 130dB SPL(@1KHZ,1% THD into 1K)Frequency Range: 50~20kHzTHD: ≤0.5%Nominal Impedance: 75ΩMinimum Terminating Impedance: approx. 800ΩSensitivity: -32±2dB re 1V/Pa @1kHzEquivalent noise level: 12dB ( A-weighted ), 24dB ( CCIR 268-3)Input Voltage: 24V or 48V phantom powerCurrent consumption: 1.5mAOperating Temperature range: -10℃ to +70Physical Dimensions: Φ19 x 250mmOutput Connector: XLRWeight: 198g
You can also get the mic in a kit for $429 with a Rycote Windshield and Lyre Kit.Ultimately, however, as much of this testing is subjective, correct form and proper audio setup will yield you better results every time than will any mic, if you technique is incorrect. So you have to keep in mind that this is just another tool in your tool box. To find out more about the Deity, head over to Aputure's website.

Alex Kuraica 11/01/2017 07:00:00

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