Brand new Metabones Cine style EF to E-mount speed booster

Positive locking lens adapters.

Metabones are well known for lens adapters that allow a user to take full advantage of their lenses real estate. They allow users with micro four thirds sensors and super 35mm sensors to regain focal field and a much loved bokeh found when using full frame lenses on full frame sensor, bringing reducing the crop by up to 0.71 with the ultra version and 0.64 with the XL, the increase in lens space also allows the user to regain up to 1 stop of light when using the Ultra Metabones adapter.

This just announced iteration has integrated the positive locking system found on cinema cameras such as the FS7 mark ii and Canon C500. This allows a firm and secure lock between the lens and the adapter, meaning that there will be very little space for any movement. The adapter is also fitted with a rubber gasket in order to keep out dust and moisture. As with the previous Ultra model the lens adapter allows for aperture and focus control via your cameras on board controls. A few additional buttons can also be found on the adapter, a switch to control in body stabilisation or IBIS found on Sony cameras. There is additionally a customisable button that can be utilised by cameras in the A7 series, the A6300 and A6500. The adapters come with an ARCA SWISS compatible lens mount making it easy to securely attach your lens without any worry of movement, especially when using follow focus systems and other accessories. The new lenses use the same glass designed by Caldwell photographic as found in the previous versions. If you are not looking for a speed booster but solely a lens adapter, a non speed booster version is also available, with all the additional features found in the ultra, minus the optical advantages. According to metabones the adapters will be available in February, the Smart adapter which has no glass element will cost $499 without Tax or Shipping. The Speedbooster Ultra version will cost $699 and Tax and Shipping.

Joel Capes 21/01/2017 07:00:00

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