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Vuze Camera released at CES 2017

3D has been around for decades, with many of a trip to the cinema spent sporting stereoscopic, red and blue glasses. 3D technology has evolved and changed with advances in technology being announced every year. 3D continues to spend most of the time on the borderline between gimmicky and exciting, we’re never sure what to expect when we sit down to watch a 3D film as there continues to be no exact standard as to how they should be produced. One sure thing is that producing 3D content is not easy or cheap.

So it's 2017, we’re not only producing 3D content but 360 degree, virtual reality footage. I recently spotted a rig designed especially to carry six Canon C300 mk ii in a 360 degree array for virtual reality, each of which will set you back around fifteen thousand dollars each. So my question is, is this technology taking the place of standard 3D? Will it be another semi gimmicky selling point for production companies? I feel sorry for the Directors of photography that have to light these never ending sets. So here is my second 3D, 360 degree, virtual reality based tech news of 2017.Vuze has a panoramic resolution of up to 4K, stitching together 8 Full HD lenses with an 180 x 120 field of view, or a spherical field of view totalling 360 x 180 degrees. You can record up to 30 fps with a variable bitrate of around 120 Mbps. The unit has four, 48Hz, 16 bit microphones built in, pulling down AAC formatted audio and knitting it straight into your video. It has built in wifi enabling the unit to be operated via Vuse’s IOS and android app. They also have their own VR Studio called Humaneyes, allowing you to easily edit and share your footage. The unit measures 12 x 12 x 3 cm, so can easily be shoved in your pocket if you’re trying to travel light. You can currently get the Vuze for $799 including the Camera in Yellow, black, blue or red, a VR headset, mini tripod, the mobile phone app and their VR Humaneyes studio.It may not be up to the quality of 6 Canon C300 mark ii's, but for those on a lower budget and looking to experiment it may be just the tool for you!

Joel Capes 23/01/2017 07:00:00

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