Rodeshow brings us 360 degree microphone

Rode Soundfield 360 degrees

This is the second of Rode’s two videographer aimed microphones announced at their Rodeshow. The concept of this mic is to equal the virtual reality capabilities of video, creating a 360 degree sound field. Soundfield was a product line acquired by Rode last month from TSL products. With a product line developed out of house a big question for most will be whether the quality of this new mic array will live up to the Rode standards, Rode themselves obviously believe in the product after sinking in lots of money to bring it under their business header. Virtual reality cameras seem to be popping out of nowhere, leaving us with very few tools to capture audio to such an extent without using multiple mic units, taking up lots of space and hassle to set up. Could you imagine trying to capture a high speed chase while capturing audio and video? Something like that would be a headache for most people.

This exciting technology from Rode is showing some true innovation into bringing all the concepts into one unit for easy use and placement. This mic looks to serve for short form media with relatively small budgets, but hopefully it will be a stepping stone for similar tools for bigger productions to come to the market. There is little information as to the exact specifications of the Soundfield but what we know so far is that it will have 4 microphone capsules inside, allowing us to capture full 360 degree sound. An awesome feature is the ability to adjust the polar patterns of each of the microphones. You can adjust it in order to pull in a wide array, narrow array or standard shotgun pattern. As with the Videomic pro plus, the Soundfield will come with Rode’s brand new microfibre flocked wind sock, improving indoor use and slight wind cancelling characteristics. The cords in order to connect the mic are all removable and replaceable, including Rode’s brand new direct to mobile cables. additionally there is a 4 channel balanced Soundfield output, although no details are readily available to show us how that works. Up until now there is no news as to the Soundfield’s Price or release date.

Joel Capes 24/01/2017 07:00:00

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