Canon’s C700 goes jelly free

Canon are to start offering global shutters to current C700 owners.

Ever since the C700 was announced Canon have been talking about releasing a Global shutter version of their flagship camera. They have now announced that they will be allowing users of the C700 sporting the rolling shutter to switch out their sensors. When changing the sensor Canon will also have to switch out the lens mount from EF to PL, this unfortunately will mean that users of Canon’s Dual Pixel Auto Focus will lose their beloved autofocus.

Most people are fully aware of the biggest problem that comes with using a camera wielding a rolling shutter. Have you ever tried rapidly panning your camera? Or tried to follow someone running? If you have then you may of noticed a slight or in some cameras a major jello problem, where the lines in your image stop being straight lines but become bendy and out of shape. This is due to the way in which your sensor reads and stores information. Rolling shutters read data line by line, from the top of the sensor to the bottom, and then starting from the top again for the next frame. Global shutters meanwhile are being found on more and more cameras, after the image has been exposed, light is blocked off and the sensor reads all of the data at once and then resets for the next frame. This allows the sensor to capture images without experiencing bendy or jelly like lines. Sounds like the future right? Unfortunately the technology can cause a decrease in dynamic range and light that reaches the sensor. Canon have already released information and pricing as to their lens mount switching service, although they have not announced pricing or timings for switching out the sensor. Canon will be changing out their lens mounts from March 2017 through their network of Region Competence Centres. The cost for the mount and labour will set you back €1,400/ £1175.

Joel Capes 25/01/2017 07:00:00

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