Follow X wireless follow focus system

Keep your footage in focus on the ground and in the air.

Many of us have experienced those difficult situations where we just can’t physically get our hands on the camera. Whether it’s flying 50 metres up in the air, or on a gimbal hanging out the back of a racing car. Wireless Follow focus’ are a priceless tool for those moments, making focusing just as easy as having a Follow Focus connected directly to your lens. Someone can either sit in video village with their dedicated monitor pulling focus while watching a live video transmission, or can be right beside the camera, either way the concept is that you can pull focus wherever you are without having to physically touch the camera. For those reasons alone announcements of wireless follow focus systems are always exciting.

Follow Focus X comes from German based Eaglelive systems. So far they are offering a very attractive package. Not only is the system capable of wirelessly controlling focus but also aperture. Aperture control being especially useful when your exposure isn't constant. For those flying drones the system has signal range of up to 1000m or 3000ft. The design seems to be relatively simple allowing for fast control of all of the functions. You can switch between aperture and focus control with one button, or switch between manual and automatic focusing using the systems adjustable focus points. A standard focus wheel is found on the front of the device, along with a OLED screen for setting your preferred configuration. The Focus motor and Aperture motor are separate units, united via a transmitter unit with three inputs, a zoom motor can also be added in extreme circumstances. Once you have your lens endpoints calibrated you can store your lens as a preset and return to it when needed. According to Follow X the whole system can last up to 24 hours on their internal lithium ion batteries. There is no word on pricing or when the system will be available, pop over to for more information.

Joel Capes 26/01/2017 07:00:00

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