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Ferrari passion, enjoy on Barcelona at best cheap prices, check this company

Did you ever dream about visiting Barcelona, the city of Catalonia where things become magical, just plenty of monuments like Colon, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Stadiums like soccer Barça team or the Olympic Stadium, just by the Joan Miró or Picasso museums, Beach, Sun and superb nice weather, this is all that Barcelona city has, as well as nice people, boys, and girls.

Now enter the passion that most of its citizens have, not only about the city, but also sports, bike, motorbike, and engines and super sportscars, and this is where a new entry comes, called Ferrari Barcelona they provide rental services of all kind, but just of the pocket of, believe me, all people, ranging from 99€ they provide you an incredible tour of the city of Barcelona for 40 minutes, yes, and from those 40 minutes you drive during 25 minutes and the first 15 minutes you are a copilot and the professional driver of Ferrari show you and instructs to how easy to drive and manage the superb car.
Ferrari Barcelona has the amazing Ferrari F-355 Spider (cabriolet) providing 400 horsepower.Services include 3 kinds of tours from 40 minutes to 2 hours of pure entertainment running a Ferrari in Barcelona.Then comes their specialties, a service where you drive the Ferrari until the door of a good restaurant of their selection and then the driver get back to pick up you on the restaurant after about 1 or 2 hours. Another one is the same but for business people that must go to a congress/meeting, that's superb, for just 199€ you drive the car until the meeting, leave the keys to the Ferrari driver and after say 2 hours he will pick you to go back.
Finally, they have a night service for just 4 hundred euros you have the car with a Ferrari driver during 4 hours on the night, he tells you and guide to go to the best discotheques, pubs, and girl clubs.
Please check the amazing services of this Barcelona Ferrari Rental company here

Alejandro B. Martin 10/11/2017 07:00:00

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