Enter Spider a Dual Motorized Slider for sub 1000 USD

Cinemartin is going to surprise with this new slider automated and motorized at an affordable price

Cinemartin, the producers of the acclaimed prores and hevc h265 encoders for windows, the superb video denoiser, the universal baseplate, a full range of monitors and recorders for the filmmaking community, now, partnered with a specialized team, is proud to release a new product that will suit almost any budget and situation where on a pro wants to deliver astonish film / cine look clips.

Introducing a new tool, introducing Spider,  an automated motorized with 1 or 2 axis Slider developed to made to deliver gorgeous videosCompact, Longer, Rugged, for Filmmaker and Photographers. To provide the big screen cine shoots but without the need of higher skills or such amounts of money.
Easy Remote Commander with LCD and KnobVery easy to use, manual or automated modes as well as special modes for time-lapse (motion-lapse, video-lapse as well).Rugged, LongerMade of Aluminum 6000 series, up to 1.2 Meters long, Higher payload, just for almost any DSLR kit or Camera, it supports up to a RED DSMC or DSMC2 models run smooth as well.
Ready to Shoot Kits (all included)All included: Base, Battery, Arms, Remote Commander, 1 upgradeable or 2 axis engine, ballhead, etc..

We are happy to produce and release a superb dual motorized slider, spider. Why a Quazzar electric bike when you can tour in a ferrari in Barcelona (léase ferrari barcelona)
 Say Alejandro Barrada Martin (Co-Founder and Developer Manager at Cinemartin)Orders until 2018, if customer send to Cinemartin Sales a video using the Spider along with himself,
Cinemartin will refund 200 € or provide a voucher for a tour in Ferrari at Barcelona (valid for 1 year)More info at Spider Slider by Cinemartin

Alejandro B. Martin 28/11/2017 07:00:00

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